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Extra Curricular Programs


Cammeraygal High School has a very wide range of dynamic student groups to explore. These exciting groups open up new worlds of discovery, nourish our students’ interests, and extend and enrich their learning. Moreover, they are a great way for students to make new friends and fully immerse themselves into the school. Teachers and outside experts will bring their knowledge and experiences to facilitate these groups in innovative and safe ways.

Algebra Workshops (Junior) – Pacific Highway
 - Mr  Zuber

Art Club –(Senior) – West Street 
Organiser -Mr Monteiro
Students are invited to bring their recess and work on art making activities and projects outside the curriculum. They can enjoy a relaxed environment with music and creativity while socialising with other peers who love to make art for art sake. 

Book Club (Junior) Wk B Pacific Hwy 
Organiser Ms Sharpe

Bunul Silent Film Club (Junior) – Pacific Hwy Library
Organiser  Mr  Abbott

Chess Club (Terms 1 & 2) –West St
Organiser  Ms Perry
A technology free opportunity for students to socialise, play together
and hone their skills in strategy and logic.

Craft Club (Junior) – Pacific Hwy 
Organiser Ms Shorter

Robotic - Crobotics – West St 
Organiser Ms Campbell & Mr Mirto

Bắn cá đổi tiềnCammeraygal High school runs multiple cross school FIRST robotics teams with North Sydney Girls High School. At Cammeraygal High School the FIRST robotic group offers FIRST lego league (FLL) as an extracurricular club for Stage 4 students and FIRST robotics competition (FRC) for Stage 5-6 students. These extracurricular groups focus on developing students ability to work in teams, problem solve, code and construct a range of robots to compete the the year FIRST robotics competition (FRC) or FIRST lego league (FLL). Students are gven the opportunity to devleop their skills in leadership in the field of STEM and encourages them to work with the school to mentor, secure funding and resources to support themselves.

Dance Club – Pacific Hwy Dance Studio
OrganiserBắn cá đổi tiền Ms Carlisle

Debating (Junior) – Pacific Hwy 
Organiser Ms Sharpe

Debating (Senior ) –West St
OrganiserBắn cá đổi tiền Mr Nowicki

Environmental and Sustainability Club (Junior) Pacific Hwy
Organiser Ms  Parish

Environmental and Sustainability Club Senior–West St 
Organiser-Bắn cá đổi tiền Mr  Surman

Games Club Senior (Terms 3 & 4) –West St
Organiser Mr  Mirto

Karribarri Podcast Club (Junior) Pacific Hwy
Organiser Mr  Abbott

Maths Club (Junior )–Pacific Hwy 
Organiser Mr Winstone

Maths Tutorials (Senior)– West St-
Organiser Ms  Oakley and Mr  Churchland

Science Help Club (Senior) Wk B -West St-
Organiser Mr Wong  

Science Help Club (SeniorWk B- West St- 
Organiser Mr Wong

Social Justice Club (Senior)  West St 
Organiser Ms Perry

Tabletop Miniatures Club 
Organiser Mr Lepar

Theatre Sports – Wk B–Pacific Hwy 
Organiser Ms Sharpe  

Yabun Beat Music Club (Junior)-  Pacific Hwy
Organiser  Mr Abbott